Frequently Asked Questions

Which file formats do you use?
We use properly configured PDF files. With the right pantones and bendays, spot colors, overlays, the right format and the included or vectorized fonts.
What file formats should we provide?
If possible, we prefer a file in vector format, such as an Adobe Illustrator, .ai or vector .eps file. Even a PDF file saved with “Illustrator Features” works fine. Including all image files (PSD with layers, minimum resolution 250 dpi) and fonts is always a good idea. This allows us subsequent modifications. For sending: Email, file sending services such as Wetransfer, and of course CD, DVD. You can also send lightweight documents via the contact form.
Do you have any graphic design capabilities?
A graphic designer in our pre-press department can meet your expectations in terms of creation. She is at your disposal to best meet your wishes.
What is your usual delay?
Our usual time is currently 4 weeks between ordering and delivery.
What is the validation process of my order?
We receive your elements in the pre-press which controls their possible exploitation. Then we work on a good to engrave with the dimensions and colors chosen. We have you validate this document and if necessary, for a quadri, we carry out a GMG test. This certifies the final rendering. It allows you to validate the final chromie.